Iron: Essential Element of Life

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Iron is a very important element that is present in the cells of both humans and plants. This is essential for the healthy growth of a person and plants. Ideally, iron is a mineral that carries out various important functions in the human body. This iron allows you to maintain the hemoglobin levels in the blood. In addition, it carries the oxygen from lungs to the different parts of human body besides ensuring that optimal level of oxygen is maintained in the muscles. Every cell in the human body needs iron to stay active and promote sound physical health. It is vital for human beings to take an essential amount of iron in their diet. So, you need to add the food items that have ample iron in your diet. The body absorbs iron after three hours of having food. Basically, deficiency of iron results in various diseases. So, it is important for you to maintain the iron level in the body by having iron rich food every day. You need to take leafy vegetables, beans, sprouts, root vegetables, dried fruits, cereals, wild rice, macaroni, eggs, seafood, lamb, pork, etc.