Druid Apprentice A New Adult Urban Fantasy Novel

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Druid apprentice Colin McCool survived his final confrontation with the Dark Druid. But now he's attracted the attention of evil gods who fear his rapid rise in power. With a slew of demigod assassins on his tail, the young druid must fight or be damned to the dead realm of Tech Duinn, forever...


Book 9 In The Colin McCool Paranormal Suspense Series

I'm Colin McCool, world-class trouble magnet and druid apprentice extraordinaire. I survived my final confrontation with the Dark Druid by the skin of my teeth. But unfortunately, that stunt attracted the attention of some extremely nasty gods who now consider me a threat to their very existence…

Hashtag FML, amirite?

Now, I'm in a race to master the ways of druid magic, all while staying one step ahead of the immortal assassins trying to kill me. Question is, can I wield enough power to protect the people I love from the divine wrath of the gods?

Even I doubt my chances. But with a slew of angry demigods on my tail and a friend's life in the balance, I only have one choice—fight or be damned to the dead realm of Tech Duinn, forever.

- - -

You’ll love this urban fantasy novel with a twist of suspense, because everybody loves a down on his luck magician who has to fight to save the people he loves.

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