Scottish History: A Concise Overview of the History of Scotland From Start to End

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Explore the History of Scotland From Start to End...

Are you interested in the romance and drama of Scottish history?

Are tales of Robert the Bruce and the wars against England just footnotes in your wider historical knowledge?

This book provides a concise and impressive chronicle!

Scotland has always held a fascination for people around the world. from inventors and patriots to great writers and thinkers, Scotland has traditionally punched well above its weight on the world stage. But did you know how it all started and how Scotland has been shaped by wider world events?

This book, Scottish History: A Concise Overview of the History of Scotland From Start to End, tells Scotland’s story through several hundred years of turmoil and strife and includes chapters on:

  • The emergence of the Scottish nation
  • The golden age
  • The Wars of Independence
  • The Black Death
  • Inventors, explorers and missionaries
  • The impact of two world wars
  • And much more…

This in-depth and informative book aims to give the reader a taste of what Scottish history has meant for it, the United Kingdom as a whole and for the rest of the world as a result. It is perfect for anyone who has an urge to learn more about what Scotland has done throughout the years!

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