Knowing the God of Unparalled Goodness

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In the preface to this audiobook, Professor Fomum says it was written at the start of the missionary era or enterprise. He emphasises the goodness of God, the unlimited generosity of God, and the urgency for the pilgrim to know Him in order to walk in intimacy with Him.

Referring to God's sovereignty in His choices and calling, ready to turn all of our disabilities into blessings, the author asserts that all of God’s plans for us are the best. God will keep watch until all His plans for us are fulfilled.

The author illustrates his teaching with the story of Abraham who was called by God to leave his homeland to go to the land of Canaan. The latter benefited from the unfailing goodness of God. God showed an ineffable love for him despite the difficult circumstances which took him for a time away from Him in Egypt. However, he was restored, brought into intimacy with God, and led into a victorious walk toward His life goal.

This book is a demonstration of God's unwavering benevolence and can lead many to experience a wonderful relationship with Him.