Narcissist 2 manuscripts How To Handle A Narcissist, Survive From Emotional Abuse, Set Boundaries And Control Your Relationship

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How to handle a narcissist, survive from emotional abuse, set boundaries and control your relationship

The world we live in has become narcissistic. Driven by materialism and superficial goals, no longer does humanity wish to work in communities, but rather to bring people down - society judges people by what car they drive, what job they have, how much money they make, what clothes they wear, what their face looks like, what their voice sounds like, what shoes they wear, what phone they have, what area of town they live in.

This Audiobook covers:

  • What is Narcissistic Abuse?
  • Impact of Abuse
  • 10 Steps to Heal From Narcissistic Abuse
  • Step One – Regain Control of Your Life
  • Step Two – Let Go Of The Past
  • Step Three – Trust Your Gut Instinct
  • Step Four – Find Your Vice / Find Your Purpose in Life
  • Step Five – Choose Your Friends Wisely / No Go Contact If You Need To
  • Step Six – Research The Topic Of Narcissism
  • Step Seven – Set Boundaries
  • Step Eight – Accept The Situation / Be Honest With Yourself
  • Step Nine – Change Your Paradigm
  • Step Ten – Let Go and Have Fun!